Getting added sugar out of your life!

I think we all know sugar is the new fat, right? Removing added sugar from your diet can be a simple way to improve the quality of your diet and your health, helping you look and feel your best. That’s what I want to help you with today! I’m going to give you a tiny bit of background on our sugar situation today, give you three simple steps to remove added sugar from your diet and then my favorite healthy grab and go snack. And guess what? It’s still sweet!

The Vicious Sugar Addiction Cycle

It’s no secrete many of us are addicted to sugar. This was inevitable for a few reasons. Namely, as humans we have a natural affinity to sweetness because simple carbohydrates are our preferred source of energy. And for that reason, manufactures have pumped even seemingly healthy foods full of sugar knowing we’d fall victim and buy, buy, buy.

When consumed in the right amounts, natural sugar is perfectly harmless. But that is not what is happening today. When in excess, added and processed sugars become addictive and feed a downward spiral of unstable blood sugar levels, mood swings, uncontrollable cravings, of course weight gain and in many cases, disease. None of this is good, which is why my 3 step processes to breaking this pattern is so important today!

Step 1: Make the Decision

This process has got to start with a heartfelt and meaningful decision. Removing sugar actually might not be as simple as it. Spending time thinking about why you want to make this shift will be essential in your long-term success. Understand the risks associated with added sugar and the benefits of removing it and apply them to your life. What will it mean to you?

  • Fewer cravings so you can focus more on your work?
  • A more stable mood so you’re not a grump in the afternoon?
  • Fewer calories so you can lose some weight?

Those are all very general examples. Your job in step one is to apply them to your life so your decision becomes simple, real and is easier to execute because you have your eye on your long-term prize.

Step 2: Have Realistic Expectations

Cutting out “added sugar” does not mean you’re committing yourself to a life of bark or other flavorless grains and veggies. But it does involve the replacement of many of your processed treats with more natural options. And this is not something you need to do all in this moment. I mean, you could dive in and take the Clean & Colorful Pantry Challenge and go cold turkey today. Or, you could choose one item you have on a regular basis and look for a better option. The less sugar you have, the less you will crave and you can continue to build on your good habits.

Step 3: Look for Naturally Sweetened Products

As you embark on your journey, you will naturally still have a sweet tooth. The good news is that there is no end to naturally sweetened products. When you eat naturally sweetened foods, they come with a host of other benefits like fiber, protein and healthy fat to support stable blood sugar and micronutrients like vitamins and minerals to boost your general health. That’s a whole lot more than a your cola can offer!

Here are some ideas to help you replaced processed and added sugar with more natural solutions…that are still sweet and taste good!

  • Fruit flavored yogurt to plain and sweeten yourself with fresh berries.
  • Soda for iced tea and sweeten with natural juice (if necessary).
  • Instant, flavored oatmeal for a clean overnight oats recipe.

You’ll notice as you replace processed with sugars with natural options, how your pallet changes. Naturally sweet foods will start to taste sweeter and you’ll begin to use less and less overtime. Foods with added sugar will begin to taste absurd and you’ll wonder how you ever ate them. Your mood will be more stable, your cravings will chill out and you may even begin to drop a few pounds. This is a winning cycle.

Clean & Colorful Snack Packs

Snacks are generally when we reach for sweet treats. This is why having Clean & Colorful Snacks on hand can save you! Grab and go snacks that are naturally sweetened can help fight cravings, stabilize mood and most importantly, save you from ever being at the mercy of the vending machine! When you add a Clean & Colorful Snack Pack to your weekly order, you’ll get 10 (2 servings of 5 different snacks) ready to go snacks for just $25. Our snacks range from cookies to applesauce, sweet and salty chips to crunchy garbanzo beans. Be sure to add one to your order this week and see for yourself the difference it makes to always have healthy snacks on hand.


Are you ready to kick added sugar to the curb?