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Delicious Very Berry Protein Shake Recipe

One of our main goals as the Clean & Colorful Kitchen is to help inspire you to live a Clean & Colorful Lifestyle, which includes eating more whole food, all 5 colors, enjoying high quality plant powered juices and smoothies and of course staying active…every single day! We like to call these the “universal diet […]

Healthy Strawberry Sweet Tart

Have you ever had a healthy strawberry sweet tart? There’s a good chance that your answer is no. I have a Valentine’s Day inspired recipe that’s delicious and guilt free! Have you ever had whipped Greek yogurt? They’re pretty interesting because the texture really is like a whipped topping. But instead of being a calorie […]

Healthy Pancake Recipe

  Pancakes – just as bad as having cake for breakfast? That is the question. Generally speaking, it’s probably a good idea to avoid anything with “cake” in the title when choosing your breakfast entree. But then again, pancakes are just plain delicious. What to do?? Well, why not make healthy pancakes?? Problem solved! I’m going […]

Amplify Your Health: Fresh Beet Juice Recipe

The new year means a new start! Why not embrace new beginnings with some revitalizing fresh beet juice?? I’ve been juicing for years now. Typically, I toss anything green from the fridge into the juicer and end up with something that looks a little swampy. Luckily, this interesting looking juice is loaded with oxygen, enzymes and millions […]

Healthy Dessert – Frozen Pumpkin Pie Jars

What would the holidays be without pumpkin pie?? I mean it’s kind of a necessity! So why not take this holiday classic and clean it up a bit? These frozen pumpkin pie jars are super easy to make, extremely delicious, gluten free and vegan! Sounds like a win-win-win-win to me. Healthy Frozen Pumpkin Pie Recipe […]