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2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

Black Friday Savings: save up to 30% off Gift Cards! Use them yourself or gift to someone who needs more veggies (and less cooking) in their life! Do not miss our largest discounts of the year! Invest in healthy food now and save up to 30% on your weekly subscription orders or even our signature detox kits! We are […]

Signature CCK Holiday Sides are Back!

Let us save you hours this holiday season and prep some of your sides so you can spend more time with your family and friends and less time in the grocery store and your kitchen! Share the gift of CCK with your friends and family this holiday season (and save yourself some time in the kitchen)! […]

It’s Client Appreciation Week in our Kitchen! 

Eating healthy isn’t inherently easy. It takes time, a commitment, an investment and in some cases, it does not even always taste that good. Especially when you compare it to the vast amount of cheap, grab-and-go convenience “foods” we are up against every minute of every day. Building a company on the front lines of […]

Dieting Made Easy with San Diego Healthy Meal Delivery

Did you cringe just a little when you read the word “dieting?” That’s ok, that’s a natural reaction because dieting is traditionally a terrible process to go through and nothing we suggest you subject yourself to. This article will show you how you can easily lose weight, improve health and enjoy delicious food with San Diego […]

CCK Client Testimonial Promotion: How to Win $100 Free Food!

Calling all past and present CCK clients: We’re running a client testimonial promotion for the month of July!  We want to trade your story with our kitchen for a chance to win one of two, $100 CCK Gift Cards! Or at the very least, earn a $5 account credit off your next order from our kitchen! Why […]

Detox Your Retox: Summer Detox Special

Summer is a time to enjoy yourself! The sun shines, the fireworks sparkle and smiles are abundant. As are the snacks, treats, drinks, vacations and disrupted routines! And trust us, it’s fiiiiine! Being healthy does not need to be boring. Teresa, CCK founder, has devoted her life to discovering how to maximize fun, all the […]

Vegetarian Meal Prep: Your Guide to Simple Roasted Veggies!

At the core of the Clean & Colorful Kitchen is a passion deeply rooted in improving human health by providing access to higher quality food. So whether you order your meals from us or prepare for yourself, this post will help make vegetarian meal prep easier for you! Perks of Eating by Color Shifting your […]

The 41 Best Protein Sources for Vegan Meal Prep

As a Vegan or Vegetarian, it’s likely you’re tired of answering the question “But, where do you get your protein from?!” As one of San Diego’s Best Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Prep companies, we’re happy to answer that one for you! Feel free to bookmark this one and pass it on the next time you’re […]

The Best Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Services in San Diego

Healthy eating day in and day out is not easy. In fact, depending on your lifestyle, it can be downright hard! Junk food is tempting, cheap and easy to find on every counter and corner. Conversely, vegetables and whole grains need to be washed, chopped and cooked. There’s shopping and cleaning…you know the drill. But […]

Meal Prep San Diego: DIY Meal Prep vs. Healthy Meals Delivered

We live in a society that makes eating healthy difficult and expensive while it’s very easy to stuff yourself full of cheap junk food. It’s no secret that eating fresh, healthy, veggie heavy food takes commitment and a little bit of work. There is planning, shopping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning involved. But if you’re like most […]