It’s Client Appreciation Week in our Kitchen! 

Eating healthy isn’t inherently easy. It takes time, a commitment, an investment and in some cases, it does not even always taste that good. Especially when you compare it to the vast amount of cheap, grab-and-go convenience “foods” we are up against every minute of every day.

Building a company on the front lines of the healthy food movement isn’t all that easy either. Our Veggie Ninjas have been cranking away in our kitchen for 85 weeks, shopping, washing, chopping, cooking, plating, packing and delivering our Sexy Veggies all over San Diego.

As we begin planning for our 100th week celebration in January, we realized it was time for a little CCK Client love!

As hard as we work for you, we simply couldn’t do it without you! We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to what you eat Monday – Friday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We know you put a lot of trust in us and we want to take this week to say thank you!!

Words alone can’t express our gratitude for our loyal, past and future clients. This week, we’d like to say thank you by offering you a free menu upgrade ($5 value). Enjoy a muffin, snack, salad, soup, smoothie … or just take a $5 savings on the CCK House!
To redeem your savings just enter discount code CCKLOVE at checkout and $5 will be deducted from your weekly order.

**And as a bonus, you CAN use this discount with any other existing discounts! This means new clients can redeem the standard 15% welcome discount (CCK15NEW) AND get a free menu upgrade ($5 value).

Dieting Made Easy with San Diego Healthy Meal Delivery

Did you cringe just a little when you read the word “dieting?” That’s ok, that’s a natural reaction because dieting is traditionally a terrible process to go through and nothing we suggest you subject yourself to. This article will show you how you can easily lose weight, improve health and enjoy delicious food with San Diego healthy meal delivery from the Clean & Colorful Kitchen.

It’s no secrete that most of us can stand to lose a few pounds and setting out on a journey to do so is likely a good idea. Carrying excess weight around is a risk factor for many degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain types of cancer. Not to mention, extra weight physically weighs us down causing joint pain, making average daily living more difficult.  But with a 96% failure rate, we’re left to wonder if we’re better off doing nothing at all?

The secret is that setting out to lose weight isn’t a bad idea, it’s the traditional dieting approach that is continuing to leave us frustrated, confused and with a lack of will to try anything “healthy” ever again.

Where most dieters go wrong

While a “diet” is simply a word to describe the type of food you eat, “dieting” implies restriction of calories or certain food in an effort to lose weight. And if we know one thing to be true about dieting in the traditional sense, it simply does not work. Exactly why most diets fail is different from person to person and from story to story, most stem from one of these three root causes of failure.

1. Dieting and weight loss are not a one-sized fit’s all approach

While we are all human with the same basic anatomy, we are all extremely different beings with varying nutritional needs and lifestyle habits. Just because your office mate is happily shedding pounds by chowing down bacon on her new “keto” diet, does not mean you should dive down that diet hole. Just because your best friend lost all her weight on a juice cleanse, does not mean you should ditch food all-together. Not only because your body may respond differently, but because your lifestyle may not support those patterns. It’s important to consider the foods that fuel you the best and what is realistic for your lifestyle.

2. Dieters tend to focus on the wrong things

Dieting in the traditional sense generally involves restricting calories or certain food groups. The more restrictive you can be, the more weight loss you will see. This is a dangerous and unsustainable pattern. It’s terribly unsatisfying to focus on what you can’t eat and using weight loss as a measurement of success is a risky habit. Weight loss isn’t as predictable as one might hope and results can be inconsistent and frustrating. When you’re measuring your success by pounds lost, it can be easy to get frustrated, lose motivation and completely give up. In short focusing on restriction and the scale is a losing strategy.

3. Dieting is not a long term solution.

Diets do work, for as long as you can follow them. The problem is, most don’t involve an abundance of your favorite foods that you can easily eat on a daily basis. Before you commit to any change in your daily diet, it’s important to consider: What do you enjoy eating, what can you not live without (forever), what food makes you feel the best? If the diet you are looking at includes restrictions of the foods you truly enjoy, it likely will not work in the long term. Worse, it can lead to a pattern of unsatisfying and unhealthy yo-yo dieting which can wreck havoc on your metabolism.

Dieting Made Easy with San Diego Healthy Meal Delivery

It’s not all doom and gloom in the world of weight loss! We’re here to help you discover a plan that works for you, full of delicious flavor that will satisfy you for the long term.

Our Dieting Made Easy Philosophy

We are sustainable healthy eating made … easy! We know not everybody is the same, which is why we offer such variety on our menu and rotate it weekly. We don’t believe in elimination of life’s pleasures, we believe in upgrading them! Our focus isn’t on what you can’t have, but on how you CAN add color to your favorite meals to add flavor and nutrition.We cook from scratch and with love. And we do it all, so you don’t have to. One 5-minute order can save you 5 hours per week in the kitchen.

Our Healthy Meal Delivery Service and Product

We cook balanced, healthy, veggie-centric, perfectly portioned and delicious food. We cook free of refined grains and added sugars and stuff nearly a pound of vegetables into each meal we cook. We offer entree’s perfect for lunch and/or dinner, breakfasts, soups, salads, smoothies, snacks and sweets. It’s easy to build full days of food or simply fill your pain-points with a simple solution. We also offer detox kits at a low and reasonable price.

Isn’t a relief to know that dieting can be easy with our San Diego healthy meal delivery? Start your order now, and have you focused on the right things next week so the weight can just start falling off.

CCK Client Testimonial Promotion: How to Win $100 Free Food!

Calling all past and present CCK clients: We’re running a client testimonial promotion for the month of July!  We want to trade your story with our kitchen for a chance to win one of two, $100 CCK Gift Cards! Or at the very least, earn a $5 account credit off your next order from our kitchen!

Why Are We Doing This?

We are a 100% passion based business. At the core of what we do is a mission to truly improve human health by providing access to higher quality food. Working in the San Diego meal prep industry and being on the front lines the healthy food movement is no easy task. It is not for the faint of heart or anybody with a poor work ethic.

We call ourselves Veggie Ninja’s, not just because we sneak nearly a pound of veggies into every delicious meal we cook, but because we SLAY veggies! Every. Single. Weekend! Our dedicated team picks up hundreds of pounds of local produce and we spend up to 50 cumulative hours washing, peeling, chopping, roasting, boiling, sautéing, plating, packing and delivering meals, snacks, soups, smoothies and salads to our loyal and awesome clients.

Launching and operating a local meal prep company is anything but a get rich quick scheme, but it can be one of the most personally rewarding jobs when we know we’re doing it right. We can assume from our steady growth and longer than expected client retention that we’re achieving our mission of making sustainable healthy eating … easy! But we don’t really know for sure unless we hear directly from you!

We want to collect stories from past and current CCK clients to learn from our success and also share your stories with our team and future clients. The Veggie Movement is not a one (wo)man job. It will take a community to thrive together and share the message that “hot dang — veggies can be sexy and healthy eating can be easy (and delicious)!”

How to WIN a $100 Clean & Colorful Kitchen Gift Card:

It’s simple, just submit your testimonial! But to make it a little more fun and interesting, how and where you submit your story impacts how many entries you earn. Earning more entries (and being creative), increases your chances of winning!

  • Written testimonial = 1 entry
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Yes, yes you can do them all and earn a max of 38 entries! We’re a pretty small company, your chances of winning $100 in free food are pretty good if you put just a tiny bit of effort into it. And everybody who earns at least one entry automatically earns a $5 account credit for their next order! PLUS, you’ll be fueling Team CCK with the motivation to keep on slaying veggies for you … Every. Single. Weekend!

Sample Simple Testimonial Submission

You can submit your testimonial literally, in ANY format you want, using any words that resonate with you and help us understand your experience with our kitchen and our sexy veggies. However, if you’re looking for a little guidance to get your creative juices flowing, try this simple format on for size…

I started ordering from the Clean & Colorful Kitchen (insert date ordered) because (insert why you decided to order from us). I still order from CCK because (insert why you still order or plan to order in the future).

–First Name, Last Initial

Simple right? Here’s sample (real life) testimonial:

I started ordering from the Clean & Colorful Kitchen in March 2018 because I wanted to incorporate more healthy meal choices and veggies into my lifestyle. I still order from CCK because Teresa makes it so easy and convenient- plus she’s awesome to boot!

–Cory S

How to Submit Your Testimonial

Easy peasy, send a simple email to with your text testimonial, and/or any attached media like photos or video. We’ll respond to confirm your number of entries.

If you share your testimonial on Social Media and tag @cleanandcolorfulkitchen and use hashtag #theveggiemovement, you’re done! We’ll snag it there and automatically assign the correct number of entries for you to win. We will confirm with a text message from our main customer service line: 858-264-2872.

How the Winners Will be Selected:

The first week of August we will:

  1. Select one winner via a random number generator to win $100 CCK Gift Card.
  2. Select one winner based on the most entertaining, touching or hysterical to win $100 Gift Card.

Yes. yes you could potentially win both! Why not? I mean, if you put the effort in, we want to reward you. Winners will be announced the first week of August and all stories may be shared on our website or social media.

There is no way you can understand how much your words and experience with our company means to us. We thank you in advance for taking the time to share your story with us and are so very eager to receive them!

San Diego Meal Prep $100 giveaway

Detox Your Retox: Summer Detox Special

Summer is a time to enjoy yourself! The sun shines, the fireworks sparkle and smiles are abundant. As are the snacks, treats, drinks, vacations and disrupted routines! And trust us, it’s fiiiiine!

Being healthy does not need to be boring. Teresa, CCK founder, has devoted her life to discovering how to maximize fun, all the while staying in shape. After decades (and more decades) of research, the Clean & Colorful Kitchen and her detox kits provide a realistic solution.

This Summer Detox Special is no exception. In addition to our traditional liquid and hybrid detox kits, we have a new, lighter version perfect for Summer and an added incentive to keep you on track well beyond your Summer detox.

CCK Summer Detox Kit

Each day you’ll get three protein rich, frothy, fruity and satisfying smoothies and two savory, fiber rich soups! A full day has about 1200 caloires, 80 g plant powered protein, 30g fat, 45g fiber and is free from any processed or refined grains or added sugars. You can order as many days as you want, from one to seven per week for just $25 per day!

summer detox kit

Added CCK Summer Detox Bonus:

summer detox

For each day you purchase, you’ll automatically receive a $5 account credit to use towards a standard meal subscription the following week!

Why? Because we don’t want you to just detox your retox and get back to old habits. We want to encourage you to eat veggie-centric all the time. Our weekly subscription programs are the best ways to stack the deck in your favor with fresh, locally prepared, health boosting meals in your fridge — just ready to heat, eat and enjoy!

What are you waiting for? Get your Summer Detox kit ordered now! All orders received by Friday at 1pm are ready Sunday night and you’ll be feeling great in a matter of hours!

Vegetarian Meal Prep: Your Guide to Simple Roasted Veggies!

At the core of the Clean & Colorful Kitchen is a passion deeply rooted in improving human health by providing access to higher quality food. So whether you order your meals from us or prepare for yourself, this post will help make vegetarian meal prep easier for you!

Perks of Eating by Color

Shifting your eating philosophy from restricting carbs or calories to adding more color to your diet can be a simple and life changing strategy. Gone are the days of thinking about what you CAN’T eat and welcome the days of wondering through the produce aisle thinking “how can I cook this beautiful veggie?”

Not only is a freeing mentality, it can break you out of a dietary rut and encourage you to try new foods. And potentially the best perk of eating by color is that these plants aren’t just pretty — colorful fruits and veggies are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals and potent phytochemicals that help you build and preserve a strong, healthy body.

Barriers to Vegetarian Meal Prep

Meal prepping is the best way to set yourself up for success. When you eliminate the guesswork and have a plan in place, it’s much more difficult to stray the course. But meal prepping tons of veggies is more difficult than the standard 6oz portion of animal protein, 3oz cooked starch and then a side of a single veggie. Good vegetarian Meal Prep involves:

  • Access to a wide variety of vegetables
  • Knowledge of how to cook them properly
  • Experience flavoring, seasoning and cooking to make sure they are delicous
  • Time to shop, wash, peel, chop and cook … and clean.

Simply stated, vegetarian meal prep can be more difficult than traditional, but that does not have to be the reason why you don’t do it!

The rest of this post gives you the quick 411 on some good veggies to look for, simple roasting instructions and creative ways to add them to your diet to add variety, nutrition, flavor and of course COLOR!

The Best Veggies to Roast

When roasting veggies, you want to think not only of the color, but the density. Root vegetables tend to be harder, hence they will take longer to cook. The smaller you cut them up, the quicker they will cook. Naturally softer veggies don’t take quite as long, but that does not mean you can’t include them in the same process.

Harder, slower cooking veggies:

  • Red: Red potatoes
  • Orange: Sweet potatoes, Golden beets, Butternut Squash, Carrots
  • Yellow: Parsnips, Cauliflower, Garlic
  • Green: Brussles Sprouts, Broccoli
  • Indigo: Turnip, Beets

Softer, quicker cooking veggies:

  • Red: Red peppers, Tomatoes
  • Orange: Orange Peppers
  • Yellow:  Yellow Peppers, Summer Squash, Onions, Mushrooms
  • Green: Zucchini
  • Indigo: Eggplant, Red Onion
farmers market veggies

The farmers’ market can be a great place to find veggie inspiration!

How to Roast Veggies for Vegetarian Meal Prep

The trickiest part of roasting veggies is finding the time. The rest is really quite simple…

  1. Pick your veggies from the list above or whatever you can find at the market. Shoot for 3-4 different varieties (colors).
  2. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.
  3. Chop up your selected veggies into 1/2-1″ pieces. Remember, the smaller they are, the faster they will cook.
  4. Toss them in olive or avocado oil (about 1 tsp to 1 cup veggies), salt and pepper and any other herbs or spices you like. (pro-tip: Garlic salt is always a winner!)
  5. Pop the harder veggies in the oven and roast for about 10 minutes. Add any softer veggies and cook for an additional 10-15. It will depend mostly on the size of your veggies and your and how crunchy you like them.
  6. Now, voila. You are a colorful, vegetarian meal prep expert!

Best Ways to Use Your Roasted Veggies

You don’t just have to have them solo! You can wrap them up, mix them up, dress then up, or have them for breakfast. You’ll be amazed at how versatile veggies can be! Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate simple roasted veggies to mix up your vegetarian meal prep plan.

1. Make them the MAIN dish!

Veggies like cauliflower and mushrooms pack as much or more protein per calorie than chicken! Use the list in this Vegan Meal Prep post for a list of the plants with the most protein.

vegetarian meal prep: Cauliflower steak

These Cauliflower Steaks are one of our most popular dishes and pack 18g of plant based protein per serving!

2. Swap out processed pasta with roasted squash!

You can cut carbs like a ninja and eliminate refined grains and add phytochemical power all at the same time. Top with a primavera sauce or in our kitchen, we make a mean organic ground turkey version (yup, we do more than vegetarian meal prep in our kitchen — we do use high quality animal protein responsibly.)

Swapping 1 cup of roasted spaghetti squash for 1 cup of traditional spaghetti can save you 76% of the calories and 73% of the carbs!

3. Make the Salad of the Century.

Salads don’t need to be raw! You can top a bed of greens with a collection of roasted veggies for more flavor and a different texture! This is a great way to create a tasty and satisfying meal.

vegetarian meal prep: spicy sunset bowl

Our Spicy Sunset Bowl has Roasted Squash, Red Onions and Zucchini with a spicy chipotle ranch dressing.

4. Make a Bad A** Vegan Bowl!

Just toss your 3-4 roasted veggies with a high quality grain like quinoa or farrow and top with a delicious sauce and you’ve got yourself a winner of a meal!

Vegetarian meal prep: harvest bowl

Our seasonal harvest bowl is always a combo of 4 seasonal veggies, quinoa and topped with our harvest tahini sauce. So good!

5. Have them for breakfast!

Roasted veggies don’t need to be saved for the afternoon or evening, toss them with eggs in the morning and make an amazing scramble in minutes. Or make them in bulk in advance in muffin cups. Bake a dozen at once and have healthy breakfast on hand all week long!

vegetarian meal prep: breakfast

Any veggie in the muffin tray with eggs and top with a little cheese (optional) is a great way to start your day with color!

Pssst: I just pulled all these images from our Instagram account, yes, we are vegetarian meal prep experts!!

We hope you found this post valuable and inspirational! Remember, we’re always here to help you with your vegetarian meal prep needs (and more!) when you’ve run out of time, or just don’t feel like cooking. Our vegetarian entrees start as low as $8!

The 41 Best Protein Sources for Vegan Meal Prep

As a Vegan or Vegetarian, it’s likely you’re tired of answering the question “But, where do you get your protein from?!” As one of San Diego’s Best Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Prep companies, we’re happy to answer that one for you!

Feel free to bookmark this one and pass it on the next time you’re not in the mood to answer that question. You an also use this post to help with your own vegetarian and vegan meal prep needs when considering protein content. We’ll start by addressing some basic nutrition principles to lay the foundation. By the end, everybody will understand how some plants are not only equivalent to, but can actually be superior sources of protein.

What is Protein

We’re going to keep this really simple. Protein is an essential macronutrient that must be consumed through food.  When they say “you are what you eat,” that’s actually a very literal statement. Your body breaks down the protein you consume through digestion into individual amino acids. Then, through a series of a billion-ish different metabolic transactions, it builds new tissue to support and sustain all aspects of your body’s basic and mechanical functions.

Does Eating Protein Help You Build Muscle?

There are many who believe that you must consume massive amounts of protein to build muscle. This is not entirely true. Some also believe that if you eat protein, you’ll inherently grow larger muscles. That is not at all true. In fact, protein utilization is not even about how much protein you consume, it’s about how much your body will absorb. Absorption is contingent on your activity level and lifestyle.

If you’re consuming more protein than your body is asking for, it will be broken down and discarded. This is a terribly wasteful thing to have happen. Protein is the universe’s most expensive macronutrient (in terms of cost and also sustainability).

How Much Protein Does Your Body Need?

This is a very HOT topic! Current guidelines indicate you should consume .8g/kg of body weight. You can push that closer to one gram or 1.25 grams if your an athlete and extremely active. If you’re trying to lose weight, slightly increasing your protein consumption can also help preserve lean mass, which is often eroded through dieting.

This means the average woman weighing 166 pounds should shoot for 60 to 90 grams of protein per day.  The average man, weighing 191 pounds should shoot for 70 to 110 grams per day. It works out to about 15-20% of total calories consumed.

Comparing Protein Sources

Comparing protein sources can be like comparing apples and oranges. You can’t necessarily look at the total grams of protein on a nutrition label and deem one source a better source than another simply because it has more grams of protein. You need to also consider which other macronutrients come with that protein and the total calorie package it delivers.

Animal products will certainly carry a higher concentration of protein, but they can also contain more fat and no fiber compared to plants. This can make them inferior sources from a total nutrition perspective.  This is also true when comparing plant sources of protein. For example, one might think peanuts are a better source of protein than kale. When you’re finished with this post, you’ll understand why they aren’t.

How Do You Know Which Protein Sources Are “The Best”

As a vegetarian and vegan meal prep company striving to hit certain nutrient profiles, we needed to level the playing field to know which sources of protein would be best for our meals.

To do this …

  1. We started with a list of nearly 100 foods, mostly plants and 5 of the most common sources of lean animal protein: tuna, beef, chicken, turkey and 2% cows milk.
  2. We established a serving size then recorded total calories, fat, protein, fiber and sugar.
  3. Then with a simple calculation, we figured out how many total grams of protein were delivered per 100 calories.
  4. Then we ranked them highest to lowest and kept only the 41 densest plant based sources.

Clever right? We’re still patting ourselves on the back for this one.

The 41 Best Sources of Protein for Vegan Meal Prep

With our focus being vegetarian and vegan meal prep, we strive to include about 15-22 grams of protein in each of our regular sized entrees. We also like to make sure that our meals are consistent in portion deliver about 400 calories and 8-12 grams of fiber with less than 20 grams of fat and sugar. Our smoothies contain at least 20g plant based protein with about 300 calories. These 41 plants were selected because they are the ones that deliver 3.7 grams or more of protein per 100 calories. That would be enough to allow us to hit our vegan meal prep minimum protein requirement.

Chart: Best Sources of Protein for Vegan Meal Prep


5 Fun Facts about Sources of Plant Protein

  1. Chlorella (Algae) is actually a better source of protein than 80% of the animal sources we used as benchmarks!
  2. Kale does have more protein than peanuts (and also cows milk!)
  3. Mushrooms have more protein than turkey and beef.
  4. There are 8 plants that are better sources of protein than beef (top sirloin, trimmed to 1/8″ fat).
  5. Asparagus is the most protein dense vegetable, delivering nearly 11g protein per 100 calories (more than beef — lol).

Getting Started with Vegan Meal Prep

Now that you know the best sources of protein for vegan meal prep, it’s time to get started! You can create your own recipes with this list and get cooking and plating your own veggie heavy culinary creations! Or, you can check out our  Complete Menu and let us do all the planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, plating and cleaning for you! Remember, while we are a predominantly vegetarian and vegan meal prep company, we do also use high quality animal protein responsibly.

Note: All nutrition data was pulled from the Fat Secretes USDA Nutrition Database.

The Best Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Services in San Diego

Healthy eating day in and day out is not easy. In fact, depending on your lifestyle, it can be downright hard! Junk food is tempting, cheap and easy to find on every counter and corner. Conversely, vegetables and whole grains need to be washed, chopped and cooked. There’s shopping and cleaning…you know the drill.

But with all that said, our lives depend on us taking the time and making the effort to eat real food more often. Lucky for us, we have quite a few options when it comes to having healthy meals delivered in San Diego! Depending on your lifestyle and what you’re looking for in the moment, here are our top picks to make healthy eating a little easier.

One-Off Order: I need healthy meals delivered in San Diego … NOW!

If it’s Wednesday afternoon and you need healthy lunch like, right now, then using an App like Postmates is your best for menu delivery services. Once you download the app, you can search for any of your favorite restaurants in San Diego. We are always inspired by what Cafe Gratitude is serving up in their vegan bowls!

  • Meal price: $17 (Humble Bowl)
  • Delivery fee: $3.99 + $2.4 Taxes and Fees
  • Total for one portion: $23.39
  • Order time frame: In under an hour
  • Pros: No planning ahead required, just order and you’re on!
  • Cons: It’s on the pricier side, but that is a price we’re used to paying for convenience (and good health).

Execute Someone Else’s Plan: Deliver an ingredient box to me next week.

Meal kits are all the rage now and for good reason. They get real ingredients into your house and require zero recipe searching, list making or time spent looking for parking at the market. You’ll eat fresh food and experience the joy of having cooked your own meal.  We are also often inspired by the delicious vegan creations from Purple Carrot!

  • Meal price: $72 per week for 3 meals for 1-2 people.
  • Delivery fee: Free
  • Total for one portion: $12.00
  • Order time frame: Pick your meals and it will come once a week after you get going.
  • Pros: Time saver, yummy, fresh food that you cooked (which is a con to many!)
  • Cons: It might be over a week before you get your first order depending on when you order,  still have to cook for about 30-40 min (which is a pro to many!)

Execute Your Own Plan: Deliver these specific ingredients to me soon

One tool we have really come to love and use weekly for delivery of ingredients to our kitchen is Instacart! You can shop and order exactly what you need from 13 different grocery stores in San Diego, including Whole Foods, Jimbos, Gelsons, and Jensens Foods. You just shop for your ingredients in the app, add them to your cart, select a delivery date and time and your goods will be on their way to you!

  • Meal price: TBD on what you’re cooking
  • Delivery fee: $7.99 for one hour, $5.99 for two hour delivery. Or you can pay $149 for the year and have unlimited 2 hour delivery for free for orders over $35. Plus there is an optional 10% service fee (not a tip) and a variable tip you can choose to pay. There can also be a slight mark-up in the actual pricing of ingredients depending on where you shop.
  • Total for one portion: TBD on what your cooking + how much you ordered.
  • Order time frame: Within one to two hours.
  • Pros: You do not need to go to the store and you’ll get exactly what you want in a matter of hours.
  • Cons: It can be an expensive way to get what you already know you need.

Heat. Eat. And Enjoy: Healthy meal prep delivery for the entire week.

We can’t pretend that we’re not biased here. We know there are dozens of company’s to choose from for healthy meal prep delivery in San Diego. But of course, we would not have opened our kitchen if we didn’t feel like we could bring something new to the table. At the Clean & Colorful Kitchen we cook tasty, healthy and convenient meals that are veggie-centric and designed to help you feel your best from the inside out.

  • Meal price: $11.00-$13.00 depending on the protein source.
  • Delivery fee: Free pick up in our kitchen in Mission Hills or $10 for delivery Sunday or Monday.
  • Total for one portion:$11.00-$13.00
  • Order time frame: Order by Friday at 1pm for pick-up/delivery Sunday at 7pm.
  • Pros: We do all the planning, shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning. We change our menu each week so you don’t have to think and you’ll never get bored. Our food is interesting, delicious and will help you glow from the inside out … day in and day out.
  • Cons: Again, we can’t even hide the fact that we love what we do. We are honored to serve so many San Diegan’s food we know is making a difference in their life not just today, but for years to come.

Best Healthy Meal Prep Delivery Services in San Diego Summary

Depending on your lifestyle, how much planning you have time for, how much cooking you want to do and how much money you want to spend, you can see there are still plenty of options to help make healthy eating easier … every single day. Let’s toss the excuses to the side and make fresh food consumption a priority. Our lives depend on it.


Meal Prep San Diego: DIY Meal Prep vs. Healthy Meals Delivered

We live in a society that makes eating healthy difficult and expensive while it’s very easy to stuff yourself full of cheap junk food. It’s no secret that eating fresh, healthy, veggie heavy food takes commitment and a little bit of work. There is planning, shopping, chopping, cooking, and cleaning involved.

But if you’re like most of us and your days are filled with non-stop activities and obligations, finding an hour a day to cook a fresh meal can be a serious challenge. And if you don’t want to eat out every day and you’re not down for being at the mercy of the drive thru or vending machine, then mastering meal prep is your best line of defense!

Whether your meal prep strategy involves making it yourself or ordering from a company like the Clean & Colorful Kitchen, here are a few things to consider as you get started.

What is Meal Prep?

The idea of Meal Prep is essentially batch cooking or cooking in bulk. Instead of cooking a different (or the same) meal every day, you can maximize your time in the kitchen and cook about three times as many meals with the same time investment. Over half of the work involved in cooking is the shopping, set up and clean up and when you only have to do that once, you’ve automatically saved yourself at least 3 hours per week.

After you cook your meals, you portion them out into single containers and store them for up to a week in your refrigerator or months in your freezer. The idea is simple, and it works! Whether it’s lunches or dinner you struggle with, an meal prep strategy is the best way to support your busy, healthy lifestyle.

How To Meal Prep For Yourself

It’s simple really, and if you have the time and/or love to cook, this can be an awesome weekend activity! All you need is a plan for what you’re going to eat all week, great recipes, a trip to the market, a few hours in your kitchen, meal prep storage containers and some good music and you’re set! Here is a great recipe to meal prep in bulk. It is one of our most popular recipes!

Great Meal Prep Recipe: Sexy Orange Chicken

  • Servings: 6 individual portions
  • Nutrition: 398 Calories, 29g Protein, 15g Fat, 11g Fiber, 17g Sugar
  • Cost: $33.44 ($5.57 per serving with tray)
  • Time: 2 hours 40 min (includes shopping and cleaning!)

Ingredients (and cost):

  • 1 lb organic chicken breast ($8.99)
  • 3 lbs broccoli – ($6.57)
  • 2 lbs cauliflower ($3.98)
  • 2 cloves garlic ($.79)
  • .75 oz sesame oil ($.84)
  • 1 tsp sea salt ($.05)
  • 2 tbsp black sesame seeds ($.94)
  • 3 tbsp corn starch ($.21)
  • 8 oz oranges ($.95)
  • 6 24-oz meal prep containers ($6)

Note: all ingredient cost is price per portion used, not for the portion you may have to purchase.

Orange Chicken Sauce 

  • 2 oz tamari ($1.12)
  • 1 oz fresh ginger ($.28
  • 1.5 oz sesame oil ($1.68
  • 6 oz orange juice ($.48)
  • 1 oz honey ($.51)
  • 1 tsp sea salt ($.05)
  • 2 cloves garlic (free)

Directions (and expected time):

  1. Shop: 30 min
  2. Preheat oven to 375 + set up: 5 min
  3. Prepare the orange chicken sauce by adding all ingredients to a blender for 60 seconds: 15 min
  4. Dice the garlic and ginger: 7 min
  5. Core and shred the cauliflower: 15 min
  6. Hand chop the broccoli into florets: 15 min
  7. Slice chicken into 1/2 x 2″ strips and add to a bowl and coat with corn starch and salt then bake for 20-25 minutes, until reaches internal temperature of 165: 10 min
  8. Slice the oranges into wheels (optional): 3 min
  9. Pan fry the cauliflower in 1 tbsp sesame oil: 10 min
  10. Steam the broccoli until soft, but still crunchy: 7 min
  11. Toss cooked chicken in Orange Sauce: 3 min
  12. Fill each plate with 3/4 cup cauliflower rice to left then 1 cup broccoli to the right then top with chicken and orange slice. Drizzle with remaining sauce: 15 min
  13. Clean up: 25 min

For about a 2.5 hour investment over the weekend, you can easily have lunch or dinner on hand all week long and less than $6 per entree. You can hardly leave your office to grab a junky meal through the drive through every day of the week for that price and time commitment. When you look at it this way, meal prep is a no-brainer!

Ordering Meal Prep San Diego Style

Now that you are sold on investing in Meal Prep, it’s time to consider if that is a sustainable, realistic strategy for you. Here is what you need to consider:

  1. Do you enjoy cooking? Or is it something you consider to be work?
  2. Do you have time on the weekend to spare? Or are you weekends just as busy?
  3. Do you cook good food? Or have you struggle even when you follow the recipe?
  4. Do you have an archive of healthy recipes? Or do you tend to cook the same ones over and over?
  5. Do you mind eating the same entree every day of the week? Or do you need more variety?

If you answered YES to the first question in each of the scenarios above: Get your your recipe guide, create a shopping list, block some time and get cooking!

If you answers YES to the second question one or more times in the scenarios above:  Consider ordering meal prep from our Clean & Colorful Kitchen. Our goal is to make sustainable healthy eating, easy. We cook tasty, healthy and convenient meals for you over the weekend and you can have them on hand all week long. It’s as simple as 1. 2. 3…

  1. Pick your food: You can order as little as 3 entrees per week from our kitchen or you can order enough breakfasts, lunches, dinners, soups, salads, snacks, and smoothies so that you never have to step foot in your kitchen.
  2. Get your order: You can pick up for free in our kitchen in in Mission Hills or we can deliver it to you Sunday or Monday depending on where you live for just $10.
  3. Heat, eat and enjoy: All week long. No shopping, no chopping, no cooking, no cleaning. Easy peasy.

Isn’t Ordering Prepared Meals Expensive?

Just in case you’re wondering, let’s get this out there right now. Ordering prepared meals from our kitchen is more expensive than doing it yourself. As is any professional job vs DIY. But if you consider the ease, variety and simple pleasure of having all your food prepared for you, it’s more than worth it.

The bottom line: Let’s be real, if you don’t absolutely love the process of cooking, you have to consider the cost of your time. If you make more than $15 per hour, you should definitely consider outsourcing your meal prep. 

Meal Prep San Diego Summary

Whether you cook for yourself or you order from our kitchen, getting cracking on a realistic meal prep strategy can be life changing. What we do everyday is 110% more important than what we do only when we’re highly motivated. I’ve seen too many clients start their meal prep strategy and find great success for a few weeks. Only to fall victim to their life’s inevitable challenges and old habits sneak back in.

Why not let this be the time you make sustainable change that supports your ultimate health and happiness. Order now! If you’re new to our kitchen, be sure to use discount code CCK15new to take 15% off your entire first order!

healthy habit meal prep san diego

Order Your Prepared Detox Kit from the Clean & Colorful Kitchen Today

Love it or hate it, a well prepared detox kit can be a gateway to the healthy lifestyle you’ve been looking for. Let us help you explore the benefits of eating more plants and less processed junk!

When people hear the word “detox,” they can have all kinds of different emotional responses based on what the word means to them.

For some, it’s a scary term full of restrictions, hunger, mood swings and unsustainable and potentially dangerous results.

For others, it’s exciting! A chance to learn new things, give your body a rest, super-charge it with nutrition, improve health, feel great and let’s be real … lose some weight!

And for some, it’s a lot of work! Shopping, chopping, juicing, blending, steaming, boiling … it can be a grind and hours of work to get your veggies ready to help your body detox all week long.

To us at the Clean & Colorful Kitchen, it means giving your body a chance to rest by feeding it only real, whole, clean, unprocessed, made from scratch food. It also means giving your lifestyle a rest, because we can keep you out of the grocery store and the kitchen from one day to an entire week because we can make a prepared detox kit just for you!

We’ve slowly been expanding our weekly menu to provide more options and flexibility. We just shuffled the deck a little and added new prepared detox kit options to our menu to simplify your life and boost your health at the same time. We do love the win-win combo!

Whether you’re too busy or you just feel gross, a prepared detox kit may be the perfect solution!

Read more

Are you ready for the MeatLESS March Challenge?

At the core of the Clean & Colorful Kitchen is a deeply rooted love of vegetables and passion for preparing them in a way that our customers are excited to eat. We work hard to do this weekend after weekend because we strongly believe the world would be a better place if people simply just ate more vegetables.

When you eat more veggies, you’ll naturally eat LESS of everything else like processed foods, meat and dairy and your body will start to feel stronger, healthier and cleaner almost instantly. It’s almost like magic!

This is why we’re so excited to bring you the MeatLESS March Challenge! An opportunity to eat more veggies, save money, get out of your kitchen, support a healthy planet and feel great!

What is the MeatLESS March Challenge?

It’s simple. It’s an opportunity to eat LESS meat. You don’t have to go all vegetarian or vegan to take this challenge, you just make a decision and a commitment to eat LESS meat. The improvement in human health and the enviornment is not “something or nothing,” it’s an “every bit helps” and swapping just one traditional meat meal with a meatless option can have a significant positive impact.

We know getting your veggies in can be hard. Trust us, we know EXACTLY how much work goes into shopping, washing, chopping and cooking up or plant powered magic pills in a way that is interesting, delicious and simply fun to eat. So let us do the work for you. After one year of operation, we’re getting pretty good at it!

Our vegetarian entrees are already only $11 but to encourage more people to eat more this month, we’re knocking 10% off for those who make the MeatLESS commitment:  4 Weeks, 5 Vegetarian Entrees per Week for just $200 ($10 per meal)*.

Why would you take the MeatLESS March Challenge?

There really is only an upside to the MeatLESS March Challenge. I mean, you’re going to feel better, try new foods, support a healthier planet, save money and by gosh, you may even lose some weight! Here are some fun numbers facts for you to mull over as you make this decision, some of them are simply mind boggling…

  1. Those following a vegetarian diet have been shown to have lower rates of heart disease, certain cancer, and diabetes. #micdrop.
  2. Did you know there are approximately 1,000 to 2,000 species of plants are edible by humans? Vegetables can be way more interesting that lettuce and cucumbers, we promise! Going meatless will challenge you to try veggies you may not have even known were delicious!
  3. Raising meat uses a LOT of water. It takes 1,799 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef (insert eye bulging emoji). That’s like flushing the toilet an extra 360 times per day just for fun.
  4. Meat is an inefficient use of grain. Roughly 40 percent of the domestic used grains goes into feeds a it takes roughly 7 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of beef. On the flip side of obesity, we also battle with hunger in this country so you can see where meat only adds to our problems.
  5. Research shows that vegetarians spend on average $750 less per year than meat eaters. So that’s like putting $63 bucks back in your pocket this month.
  6. Calorie for calorie, broccoli and cauliflower have as much protein as meat but come with bonus vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and of course fiber. Filling up on fiber rich and high nutrition ROI foods is the best way to naturally and sustainably lose weight.

How do you get started on the MeatLESS March Challenge?

  1. Make a decision and a commitment by liking and posting on our Facebook page that you are IN! Share what you’re looking forward to and maybe even your favorite vegetarian recipe. We’ll be posting fun facts and tips on Facebook and Instagram all month long! Be sure to use hasthag #CCKmeatLESS
  2. Make your commitment real and sign up for discounted veggie meals* all month long! Get started here! Scroll down to the MeatLESS march option.
  3. Eat your veggies! Whether they are from our kitchen, yours or your favorite restaurant. Look for meatless options and share with us by tagging us in Facebook or Instagram every time you eat MeatLESS and we’ll share the love! Be sure to use hasthag #CCKmeatLESS
  4. Grab a buddy and get them to commit to loving more veggies with you this month. Accountability is always key and it’s way more fun to have a friend in the game with you.

Note: You don’t have to order from our kitchen to participate in this challenge. We are EOLOV (Equal opportunity lovers of all veggies!)

Benefits and perks of the MeatLESS March Challenge?

  1. Weekly giveaways! Yup, you read that right. We’ll be doing weekly giveaways from our kitchen and from our preferred vendors. All you have to do is eat your veggies and let us know and play along with the specifics and you’ll be good to go!
  2. GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY: The MeatLESS March Challenger who eats the most veggies in lieu of meat (and shares on social media by tagging us @cleanandcolorfulkitchen and using hasthag #CCKmeatLESS so we know who you are!) will get the CCK GRAND PRIZE!! We’ll be giving away our digital nutrition program plus a $60 gift card at the end of the month. That’s $100 value as a bonus on top of how great you’re going to feel about yourself and your healthy, environmentally friendly efforts this month!

Just think…how many cows, chickens, green house gas emissions and gallons of water can you save this March by eating LESS Meat?

Use this Meat Calculator to find out now!

*Details on MeatLESS March Special Promotion: purchased as a gift certificate for $200 with a $220 value that is applied as an account credit and must be redeemed before 4/6.

For more information, comment on this post or call text us directly at 858) 264-2872