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Last Call for CCK and What’s Next!

August 1st, 2023 Update

Thank you for trusting the Clean & Colorful Kitchen as a partner in your healthy lifestyle. Whether it be one week or 6 years, it has been an honor and a privilege to fill your fridge with Plant Forward food. While it is bittersweet to be closing our kitchen this weekend, we could not be more excited about our new partners we are recommending.

Sonya and Angela at Plant Based Meals are incredible women and leading the charge in Plant Based Meal Prep in San Diego. I could not be prouder of a company to recommend you to after we close.

They cook slightly different than us, as they are a Whole Food Plant Based kitchen, cooking exclusively vegan. But their recipes are intricate, beautiful and loaded with plant protein and all the phytochemical benefits that come with them. I think you will absolutely love them if you give them a try!

As an added incentive, they have offered all CCK clients 10% off their first order, so please take them up on that! I certainly will be!

Please visit their website at and use code CCK10 to take 10% off your first order. Their deadline and delivery are a little different than ours. But hopefully it will all still work out just fine and you can still order from and support a local, woman-owned small business!

Please feel free to call or text our main customer service line (858) 304-7632 with any questions as we want to make this transition as easy as possible for you!

Wishing you health, happiness and all the joy of plant based food and not having to cook it!

Teresa Marie & Your Veggie Ninja Crew

July 29, 2023 Update

All of our last orders have been submitted and we are beginning our final production this weekend. We are going out with a bang and will be prepping one of our largest orders in company history this weekend. Thank you again to all of our lovely clients, brand new and original, for all the kind notes we have received. It’s truly heart warming to hear about the impact we have made in your lives over the years.

We will send out another newsletter, update this page, and send out text messages to all active plan holders with information on how to order from the best Plant Based Meal Prep company in San Diego next week! Until then, don’t hesitate to text our customer service line at (858) 304-7632 with any questions at all!



Originally Posted July 25, 2023

Dear CCK Clients Present & Past,

It is bittersweet that I write you today to announce the closing of the Clean & Colorful Kitchen July 30th, 2023. It has been an incredible 330 weeks of production helping San Diegan’s unprocess their diet and eat more plants. This teeny company has made a pretty big impact in the lives or our clients, crew and partners. I am very proud of everything we have been able to achieve over the years. Rest assure, we are closing on a high note and I want to share that with you now. Here are all the details you need to know about what’s next for me and all of you!

Why are we closing?

A teeny business is essentially an extension of the founder and operators personal life, and that is exactly what CCK has been for me. It has been an incredible vehicle to explore business development, employee engagement, customer service, recipe innovation, and all the nuts and bolts that get a company started and keep it running. It kept me focused and sane through the pandemic. It brought me life long friends in the form or crew and clients.

It’s been exciting, exhausting, humbling and empowering all at the same time in different ways.  This business has been successful since the day it opened. We are not closing out of despair, it’s simply a personal decision. I am tired. And I am excited about a different future for myself…but more on that at the end of this note.

When are we closing?

Our last full of production will be Sunday July 30th. Which means orders placed on or before Friday the 28th at 1pm will be ready for pick up or out for delivery Sunday July 30th starting at 4:30. And that all orders delivered by Monday the 31st will be the last batches of meals you receive from your veggie ninja crew at CCK. Early next week I will send out very detailed instructions on who you can and should order from after we close.

What if I still need veggie heavy meal delivery in San Diego?

I would not leave our veggie loving clients hanging! I have researched the other companies in San Diego and the landscape of healthy meal delivery has definitely changed since we started cooking in March of 2017. I felt a need to start this company because, at the time,  there simply wasn’t a good option in this city. Meal Prep in 2017 was still very much meat, potatoes and grey broccoli with few to no vegetarian options and about zero vegan options.

That is not the case anymore. Instead of fighting to compete, I have selected the BEST company as our replacement. While different from us in some ways, we share the same values and goals. I hope that you will be very happy with the owners, operators and passionate women who own Plant Based Meals and the delicious, health inducing food they cook. I will share more transition details early next week. And I think and hope you will come to love them as much as I have!

What if I can’t live without CCK recipes?

I have hundreds and hundreds of plant forward recipes for breakfasts, entrees, snacks and smoothies. It is my passion in this business and the thing I would miss most. But good news, I won’t go away. While I’m tired of running my kitchen every weekend, I am not tired of discovering and documenting delicious recipes that highlight the beauty, simplicity and deliciousness of PLANTS!

I will be converting The Clean & Colorful Kitchen to an online company where we will produce and distribute recipes and instruction for those who love to meal prep at home. If you have an idea or question about how it would work, please send me an email at as I would love to hear your thoughts as I build out that service. I will share more details here, via email and on Instagram as updates develop.

What’s next for me (Teresa)

For me personally, I am tired. Working every weekend for that past 6+ years has taken its toll on me and I am ready for a new venture and more flexibility in my life. In January, I started working at the Hub Pickleball in Spring Valley for fun. Over the few months I’ve been there, I have taken on more responsibility and am now the Director of Memberships and Social Events. I will also be playing a larger role in the company as we expand into Franchise Operations. I will also be working diligently to bring CCK online to life.

On a more personal level, Ben and I were also engaged in March and will be getting married here in San Diego in October. We also finally bought a new (old) home in La Mesa, will be renting out our cabin full time and we adopted a puppy in June.  It’s a year of BIG changes for us! I truly am excited for this next phase of our lives.

What’s next for you?

Well that’s up to you – but I hope this doesn’t disrupt your healthy eating goals in the least! In fact, maybe some of you will be reinvigorated and excited to try a new, highly recommended company if it has been a while since you’ve ordered from our Kitchen? But for right now, place your order like normal from us this weekend and stay tuned on how to order from your new favorite San Diego Meal Prep company next week! Also keep an eye on instagram to see how the online recipe program develops.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my veggie loving heart. It has been an honor and a pleasure to cook for so many of you over the years.

Forever your veggie ninja,

Teresa Marie

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