CCK Mid Summer Sale

We are in that mid Summer lull, it’s hot and our clients are traveling. While we do appreciate the slower, easier weekends in the kitchen, we’d much rather be busy-busy chopping, cooking and plating for more new and old clients! So in the spirit of 100% honesty and transparency, that is EXACTLY why we have created the CCK MID SUMMER SALE!

This is the perfect time to get set up with fresh, healthy, perfectly portion meals, smoothies or even a complete detox kit! Here are the deals we’re talking about:

What is the CCK Mid-Summer Sale?

It’s the BEST time of year to sign up and save! Everyone’s costs are high right now, and we know how much every little bet helps, so here are our current incentives:

  1. 15% off New Plans – new or old clients, save 15% off your first order when you start a new plan! And for those of you who don’t already know, we have 2 plans to choose from! Our traditional Subscribe & Save and new to 2022 our One-Time Order Plan. Get all the details here.
  2. 10% off Gift Cards – I always hate it when only new clients get to take advantage of deals so I always offer something or our most loyal clients as well. You can buy them and use yourself or as the name implies, Gift them away to someone who would love it. See all your options here.
  3. Increased Referral Credits – Our business is pretty much a word of mouth/referrals business. Even at capacity, we are a small business and we love cooking for what feels like our friends and family. The best way for us to grow is to also cook for our current clients friends and family! We always offer a $15 account credit to your friends and to you once they sign up. Right now, we’ve pumped your referral credit to $25!!
  4. Up to 50% off CCK Swag and Partner Products – we’ve got some fun things on our menu, beyond health boosting meals and snacks. You’ll see them at the very bottom of our weekly menu and right now is an excellent time to buy them!

How long will the CCK Mid-Summer Sale Last?

This will likely depend on the success of the sale! When we hit capacity, we can’t take more clients. I would imagine this will stay active until the end of August, but is subject to end early if we max out. So don’t wait, take advantage of these deals now!

How do I take advantage of these generous savings?

We really like our ordering process to be self-sufficient, you should be able to leverage all these deals simply from our website. Here are the details:

  1. 15% off New Plans – Simply use code CCKMSS15 at the payment screen of the checkout process.
  2. 10% off Gift Cards – Easy peasy. Just be sure to select the Mid Summer Sale option on our Gift Card page here. Note: Max 2 per client.
  3. Increased Referral Credits – Long into your account and grab your unique referral code and/or link. Share it with your friends and family. Text, social media, email, snail mail. Any and all of it works, and once that code is used, you’ll score $25 CCK cash and there is no limit to how much you can earn!
  4. Up to 50% off CCK Swag and Partner Products – these are already marked down on our menu. Just add them to your cart before you check out.!

I have more questions about your products/services.

We’d love to answer them! Be sure to check out our FAQ page and don’t hesitate to email me directly at or text/call us at (858) 304-7632.

We hope our Mid Summer Sale hits you and the perfect time and you’re ready to sign up for easy living and clean eating with us!