It’s Client Appreciation Week in our Kitchen! 

Eating healthy isn’t inherently easy. It takes time, a commitment, an investment and in some cases, it does not even always taste that good. Especially when you compare it to the vast amount of cheap, grab-and-go convenience “foods” we are up against every minute of every day.

Building a company on the front lines of the healthy food movement isn’t all that easy either. Our Veggie Ninjas have been cranking away in our kitchen for 85 weeks, shopping, washing, chopping, cooking, plating, packing and delivering our Sexy Veggies all over San Diego.

As we begin planning for our 100th week celebration in January, we realized it was time for a little CCK Client love!

As hard as we work for you, we simply couldn’t do it without you! We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to what you eat Monday – Friday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We know you put a lot of trust in us and we want to take this week to say thank you!!

Words alone can’t express our gratitude for our loyal, past and future clients. This week, we’d like to say thank you by offering you a free menu upgrade ($5 value). Enjoy a muffin, snack, salad, soup, smoothie … or just take a $5 savings on the CCK House!
To redeem your savings just enter discount code CCKLOVE at checkout and $5 will be deducted from your weekly order.

**And as a bonus, you CAN use this discount with any other existing discounts! This means new clients can redeem the standard 15% welcome discount (CCK15NEW) AND get a free menu upgrade ($5 value).