Detox Your Retox: Summer Detox Special

Summer is a time to enjoy yourself! The sun shines, the fireworks sparkle and smiles are abundant. As are the snacks, treats, drinks, vacations and disrupted routines! And trust us, it’s fiiiiine!

Being healthy does not need to be boring. Teresa, CCK founder, has devoted her life to discovering how to maximize fun, all the while staying in shape. After decades (and more decades) of research, the Clean & Colorful Kitchen and her detox kits provide a realistic solution.

This Summer Detox Special is no exception. In addition to our traditional liquid and hybrid detox kits, we have a new, lighter version perfect for Summer and an added incentive to keep you on track well beyond your Summer detox.

CCK Summer Detox Kit

Each day you’ll get three protein rich, frothy, fruity and satisfying smoothies and two savory, fiber rich soups! A full day has about 1200 caloires, 80 g plant powered protein, 30g fat, 45g fiber and is free from any processed or refined grains or added sugars. You can order as many days as you want, from one to seven per week for just $25 per day!

summer detox kit

Added CCK Summer Detox Bonus:

summer detox

For each day you purchase, you’ll automatically receive a $5 account credit to use towards a standard meal subscription the following week!

Why? Because we don’t want you to just detox your retox and get back to old habits. We want to encourage you to eat veggie-centric all the time. Our weekly subscription programs are the best ways to stack the deck in your favor with fresh, locally prepared, health boosting meals in your fridge — just ready to heat, eat and enjoy!

What are you waiting for? Get your Summer Detox kit ordered now! All orders received by Friday at 1pm are ready Sunday night and you’ll be feeling great in a matter of hours!