Healthy Living Through Quarantine

Right now, it may feel like a great time to wrap up in a blanket, bing 24/7 on the Netflix and order pizza all-day-long. And while that actually is an excellent solution for managing the stress of today, it can only be temporary.

Right now, is actually a great time to rest, but still exercise. To unwind, but also level up. To eat delicious food, but food that is good for your body and will help it stay healthy and strong.

In short, now is not the time to give up on your health goals! This quick post has two very important and useful things to help you stay healthy at home, right now:

  1. A summary of our COVID-19 measures and responses. We have settled into a “new normal.”
  2. Two excellent (free) resources to get and stay focused on your healthy goals at home!


It has been a wild few weeks for the food service industry everywhere. We are happy to report that we have exceeded the County of San Diego’s increased sanitation protocol orders, even before they were ordered! Here is a summary of what we are doing to continue to support our clients through this challenging time:


Our kitchen is operating with extensive precautionary procedures in place to further limit cross-contimation during this unprecedented time. This includes all staff wearing face coverings while in the kitchen, limited access to the kitchen by non-essential staff, as well as increased hand-washing and surface sanitation protocol.


Due to the chaos and financial uncertainty of this current pandemic, we put through an automatic, good will price decrease two weeks ago. We will honor that discount for all orders processed before the end of April as government relief is being deployed.

Remember, this price decrease is in addition to any new client incentives, including our referral program so now is a good time to log in, grab your referral link and SHARE it on social media.

The grocery store still sucks and we want to save you as many trips to it as we can. Our special COVID-19 Menu remains available and includes essentials like raw produce bags, shelf-stable non-dairy milk, and even individually wrapped, 2-play, facial grade toilet paper! Everything on this menu is available at our cost and can be added to any order for (no contact) pick up or delivery.

For deliveries, please just let us know where you’d like us to leave the order and we’ll text a picture once it has been delivered. However, if you live in a secure building in an urban environment, we do ask that you meet your driver on the street for a quick exchange or be available to provide quick access to your front door. We won’t leave orders in high traffic or unsafe areas.

For pick ups, we have a large table set up at our front door, so you don’t even need to step in the kitchen!  Text us when you’re on the way and we’ll pull you order out and have it ready for you to grab and go. If you have any trouble parking or don’t want to leave your car, try texting us and we’ll see if someone is available to run it out to you curbside.

**Please hold onto your reusable grocery or cooler bags for right now. We’ll resume collecting and reusing when the County of San Diego advises it is safe to do so.**

Before I opened the Clean & Colorful Kitchen in 2017, I had a digital health coaching business, Teresa Marie Wellness. As a part of that business, I would design and coach various national health challenges. Today, that is definitely still one of my passions, but due to the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day, my focus has shifted to operating this business locally.

That said, due to the unprecedented nature of todays Shelter in Place landscape, I had to get back to digital content creation. Not just for my neglected on-line audience, but also for myself. And now that these two resources exist, I highly suggest you use them at home right along with our healthy meal delivery!

  1. 30-Day Quarantine Challenge: yes, we are already over a week into April, but it’s never to late to start!
  2. DIY Alphabet Workout Plans: depending on what you choose to spell, you can easily create your own perfect, full body workouts!
Both of these blog posts share all the details, so I won’t bore you here. They have both helped me (personally) quite a bit in the past 10 days and I hope they can help you from now on!

That’s it for updates from the Clean & Colorful this week! Please send me a note with any questions, concerns or feedback you may have about the steps we are taking right now and any questions or ideas you have about staying healthy at home.

As your partners in good health, I have always wanted the Clean & Colorful Kitchen to be more than a meal delivery service. Let us know how we can help you now and well beyond this crisis! As alway, thank you for your ongoing love and support. If not for you, we simply wouldn’t exist.