CCK Client Testimonial Promotion: How to Win $100 Free Food!

Calling all past and present CCK clients: We’re running a client testimonial promotion for the month of July!  We want to trade your story with our kitchen for a chance to win one of two, $100 CCK Gift Cards! Or at the very least, earn a $5 account credit off your next order from our kitchen!

Why Are We Doing This?

We are a 100% passion based business. At the core of what we do is a mission to truly improve human health by providing access to higher quality food. Working in the San Diego meal prep industry and being on the front lines the healthy food movement is no easy task. It is not for the faint of heart or anybody with a poor work ethic.

We call ourselves Veggie Ninja’s, not just because we sneak nearly a pound of veggies into every delicious meal we cook, but because we SLAY veggies! Every. Single. Weekend! Our dedicated team picks up hundreds of pounds of local produce and we spend up to 50 cumulative hours washing, peeling, chopping, roasting, boiling, sautéing, plating, packing and delivering meals, snacks, soups, smoothies and salads to our loyal and awesome clients.

Launching and operating a local meal prep company is anything but a get rich quick scheme, but it can be one of the most personally rewarding jobs when we know we’re doing it right. We can assume from our steady growth and longer than expected client retention that we’re achieving our mission of making sustainable healthy eating … easy! But we don’t really know for sure unless we hear directly from you!

We want to collect stories from past and current CCK clients to learn from our success and also share your stories with our team and future clients. The Veggie Movement is not a one (wo)man job. It will take a community to thrive together and share the message that “hot dang — veggies can be sexy and healthy eating can be easy (and delicious)!”

How to WIN a $100 Clean & Colorful Kitchen Gift Card:

It’s simple, just submit your testimonial! But to make it a little more fun and interesting, how and where you submit your story impacts how many entries you earn. Earning more entries (and being creative), increases your chances of winning!

  • Written testimonial = 1 entry
  • Written testimonial + photo of you and CCK product = 2 entries
  • Video testimonial = 5 entries
  • Video testimonial with CCK product = 6 entries
  • Submit your story via FB, IG or IG story and tag @cleanandcolorfulkitchen = 5 entries each
  • Share your written testimonial to YELP = 5 entries
  • Share your written testimonial to Facebook = 5 entries
  • Share your written testimonial to Google = 5 entries

Yes, yes you can do them all and earn a max of 38 entries! We’re a pretty small company, your chances of winning $100 in free food are pretty good if you put just a tiny bit of effort into it. And everybody who earns at least one entry automatically earns a $5 account credit for their next order! PLUS, you’ll be fueling Team CCK with the motivation to keep on slaying veggies for you … Every. Single. Weekend!

Sample Simple Testimonial Submission

You can submit your testimonial literally, in ANY format you want, using any words that resonate with you and help us understand your experience with our kitchen and our sexy veggies. However, if you’re looking for a little guidance to get your creative juices flowing, try this simple format on for size…

I started ordering from the Clean & Colorful Kitchen (insert date ordered) because (insert why you decided to order from us). I still order from CCK because (insert why you still order or plan to order in the future).

–First Name, Last Initial

Simple right? Here’s sample (real life) testimonial:

I started ordering from the Clean & Colorful Kitchen in March 2018 because I wanted to incorporate more healthy meal choices and veggies into my lifestyle. I still order from CCK because Teresa makes it so easy and convenient- plus she’s awesome to boot!

–Cory S

How to Submit Your Testimonial

Easy peasy, send a simple email to with your text testimonial, and/or any attached media like photos or video. We’ll respond to confirm your number of entries.

If you share your testimonial on Social Media and tag @cleanandcolorfulkitchen and use hashtag #theveggiemovement, you’re done! We’ll snag it there and automatically assign the correct number of entries for you to win. We will confirm with a text message from our main customer service line: 858-264-2872.

How the Winners Will be Selected:

The first week of August we will:

  1. Select one winner via a random number generator to win $100 CCK Gift Card.
  2. Select one winner based on the most entertaining, touching or hysterical to win $100 Gift Card.

Yes. yes you could potentially win both! Why not? I mean, if you put the effort in, we want to reward you. Winners will be announced the first week of August and all stories may be shared on our website or social media.

There is no way you can understand how much your words and experience with our company means to us. We thank you in advance for taking the time to share your story with us and are so very eager to receive them!

San Diego Meal Prep $100 giveaway