Is a Summer Detox Kit Right For You?

Summer is crazy. Crazy fun right? School’s out, vacations are on the horizon and BBQ’s are a plenty! And nothing beats feeling good in your own skin basking in the Summer sunshine. Yet, healthy eating can so easily fall to the wayside as our schedules are in short – totally out of whack! This is where a Summer Detox kit can come in handy. They are a healthy way stay on track, slim down or recover from too much summer fun.

Consider a Summer Detox Kit if:

  • Your schedule is wonky and meal prep is harder this time of year.
  • You know you would feel a whole lot better in shorts, tanks and bikini if you could drop a few pounds … this week!
  • You’re recovering from a vacation or overly indulgent weekend and want to feel and get back on track ASAP!
  • You’re simply too busy to think or worry about what to eat or how to lose weight and need a simple 1, 2, 3 plan.

Clean & Colorful Detox Disclaimer

Yes, we know that “it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle” and that a quick fix is never the long-term answer, which is why our residential, healthy meal delivery service is our core business. We also know how good it feels to fill your body with clean, predominately plant based goodness — if even for a short period of time. Pair that with the fact that shorter commitments are easier than long ones, we’ve created two Summer Detox options to help kick your body into high gear this season.

Both are deigned to:

  • Support optimal health with balanced nutrition.
  • Get you results by eliminating all processed junk from your diet.
  • Increase energy and vitality through dense plant power.
  • Eliminate your time in the kitchen so you can keep busy having Summer fun.
  • Be super satisfying so you’re not starving, light headed, lethargic or grumpy.
  • Kits start at just $99 and are delivered to your door (Servicing ALL of San Diego)!

Total win, right? Here are some things to consider as you select which detox is right for you…

Clean & Colorful Summer Detox Options

3-Day Liquid Detox

  • Includes 3 Juices, 2-3 Smoothies and 1-2 Soups per day.
  • Regular and plus portion options.
  • All natural, 100% Vegan, Gluten and Soy Free.
  • All made from scratch in our no-waste kitchen.

3 Day Detox Lite

5-Day Hybrid Detox

  • Includes 1 Heat-and-Eat Meal and 2-3 Smoothies per day.
  • Regular and plus portion options.
  • All natural, 100% Gluten and Soy Free.
  • Vegan and traditional options available.
  • All made from scratch in our no-waste kitchen.

Are you ready to see just how great clean eating can make you feel? Order your detox kit today and we’ll deliver it to you on Monday!